I’m a chiquita banana

I got my ticket to aphex twin – $54 which is a touch cheaper than I guessed. Me and a buddy/former housemate, GG are going.
I suppose it’s a side-effect of being too inquisitive but I always end up with sensory overload after a day in melbourne. There’s a noticeable lack of blonde hair dye there — the other way of saying this is that geelong is drenched in the shit, and really, this really is a whitey town.
I think it’s kind of that a majority of people are in the centre of melbourne for work purposes but here it’s more for shopping reasons. This sets up the vibe here of people looking at other people to see if they are looking at them — this place is unsure of itself. Melbourne is more looking off not so much into the distance, but more just that space in front of them, thinking, ‘God my feet hurt’.

The rotarians had a trash n’ treasure sale down the road on saturday. I saw an ancient laptop there – a Sharp PC4500 — am a bit hazy on the number – it was 4_00 — the printing on it also boasted a 20Mb hard disk, so I don’t know where that places it – maybe a 286 processor. I saw some web page the other day that I can’t find now that listed a few of the four-thousand series as 8088s. Maybe I should’ve bought it, but I couldn’t see a power cord anywhere.

url: the spork
date: 2003-12-03-12-50
..I found out I am old enough to be nostalgic about 8086/ 808xx hardware =) ..

yak sox
date: 2003-12-03-23-15
Can’t say I ever saw one going and knew it was one. 386s are probably as far back as it goes for me.

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