now I know what the kid looks like in Africa

Via da kekmeister is this thing that shows you what your site looks like from a Safari browser. It’s only the very top of the index page but it’s news to me — I didn’t realise the main column here was rendering in serif. There has been trubbles between Pivot and Safari but i heard that cleared itself up when the 1.0 Safari came out.

Over the months of using this tool I’ve frequented the support forums fairly frequently. There was this one avatar that someone was using:<%image(20040113-thumbman.jpg|80|80|boo!)%>
And when i saw it I thought to myself Good Grief, that man looks like a thumb! Wait a minute, I think it is a thumb with a face cut n’ pasted on.
But I couldn’t be certain and I promised myself not to make some offhand remark either in the forums or on this weblog – the kind of remark that I may regret.

But curiosity et away at me and the other day when the avatar appeared to be missing i seized my opportunity and asked what had happened to that ‘really cool’ avatar. It was a relief to find out that it isn’t a photo of the actual person from the support forum, and the explanation is got something to do with channel 4 in the UK. See here. I couldn’t click on anything there to find out any more, the whole experience had a rather swishifying effect on my brain.

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