freak power

I’m working on a new site design – theoretically it could be used for any weblog system, but in fact I’m building it on Nucleus. If I do change over from pivot to nucleus then I think I also change over – from “I just want the best functioning set up”, to “I’m completely neurotic about this”. Just like Linux distributions.
But Pivot only has one person developing it, so you can’t blame ’em if they want to take a break for a couple of months. I’d love to learn PHP and help, and for the last 18 months of more, at the end of each semester I borrow books on PHP, but end up returning them with less read each time. I didn’t make it to the end of the intro chapter. Next July I’ll grab the latest and not even manage to get through the back-cover blurb before pushing it away.

Muffler Man of North Geelong:
<%image(20040113-mman.jpg|220|354|muffler man)%>

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