mandrake 9.2

I installed this a bit over a week ago and backed up everything then switched over from Slack. Mandrake’s been going very nicely. A while back I was put off by reading a review that said it wasn’t much different to 9.1. That’s probably true, but there’s very few gliches in it. Maybe all the distroes could try this, just holding back for a bit and fixing all the probs before introducing a whole bunch of feature that inevitably bring new bugs.

All the things that I wanted to try to get working – like camera connectivity and streaming of quicktime .MOVs when they show up — have worked – hooray. Although, I now realise that watching streamy things will always be an excercise of patience while still on dial-up.
For some reason i always have hassles setting up Apache in ‘drake. Probably because I over-complicate things from the start and mess with permissions.
It took a lot of fiddling but finally got it running, and MySql too – double-hooray.
The only minus is the boot-up takes a bit longer, which has always been the case when compared to Slack. But that’s nothing really.

the spork
date: 2003-11-25-13-30
I haven’t even looked at linux for a while. Been quite happy with this ‘ere OSX thing =). Redhad is making some sort of changes atm so I’ll pobably be busy nxt year switching some stuff across.

name: yak sox
date: 2003-11-25-17-07
I imagine I’d be satisfied with OSX too. :^)

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