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I’ve finally found some spare brainpower to do a little reading – and of crime fiction which has been on the to-do list for a while. Found a collection of short stories called Hardboiled at the library. It was compiled in australia by stuart coupe and julie ogden — I seem to remember that guy’s name from a radio show that used to be on RRR ages ago — ‘Pulp’. The byline on the book is, “tough, explicit and uncompromising fiction”.
In a sense I was pleasantly surprised that there was few in any of those kinds of ‘whodunnit’ stories that are really complicated and expect you to be able to figure it out. It’s too easy for me to miss something then the whole thing becomes incomprehensible.

All the authors selected are american. It’s a good way to get the beginning of a handle on the genre — it’s like a gruesome gory sampler. The authors that stood out were Lawrence Block who I’d vaguely heard of before. (I grabbed another short novel of his, After the first murder a day later and demolished that quickly – kind of like an aeroplane novel I s’pose. His style is what I imagine most people would think of when crime fiction, and the phrase ‘hard boiled’ are mentioned — the post-WW2 hard-drinking detective, etc.

The other short story from Hardboiled I like was ‘Night they missed the horror show’, by Joe R. Lansdale. It was really funny as well as grisly. Marvellous combination. That website’s worth checking – it looks more than static and more than a ‘here’s my newest book, buy it’ type deals. There’s a short story there, by bizarre hands which is worth your 15 minutes.

I’m a little disappointed that when I do a google image search for mouse in wheel none of the first 100 results are a picture of a mouse running in a wheel. It’s all computer mice — I know they kind of look like mice, but couldn’t they have called it a sodkehdsls?

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