“If the moon were made of green cheese, would mice go in and out with the tide?”

– that’s the best google search I’ve had in months. Sometimes things can drag along and people will continually tap in for the one or two seedy things I’ve mentioned or words taken out of context and I get so sick of seeing these same things being searched for that I can feel like darkening the whole thing to google’s eye.
But then something with that little bit of wonderousness comes up and I’m reminded that the humans never really stopped being surprising after all. Ah.

Honourable mention goes to the space mice skit.

Spent the weekend down at The Ranch. It was nice. Watched a DVD for the first time in ever last night. Brother got the whole kit n’ kaboodle — the little speakers, the big speaker, the VDV player, the vdvs. 5.1 speakers made sense with computers because the 5.1 speaker soundcard came first.
When I looked at all these little speakers popping up in the junkmail catalogues as part of the home ennertainment set up for “cashed up couch potatoes” I instantly had visions of how they’d look in 5 or 10 years, quaint and ridiculous — all you little speakers. The way people refer to 8-track now.

Watched The Two Towers again – a timely refresher in prep. for the return of the king. Each year that gets by makes it even longer since I read the books and it’s getting harder to remember it all. Granted the definition of vdv was fine, but it was in the 16×9 format which didn’t agree too well with the average sized telly.
And then there were alll the extras. Y’know it’s all these extras that are sending the demographers around the twist and the TV advertising biz into a minor tail-spin. All because people like my little brother are watching vdvs instead of regullar telly and missing all those commercials.

I’ve only ever heard people praising the extras — however I think much fun can be made of them. There was the short film made by whoever the guy is that is Sam — and boy it sure make Perter Jackson look like a good director because that guy who plays Sam sure as hell can’t write or direct.

There’s something rather macabre about hedges trimmed into animal shapes, but it’s got nothing to do with johnny scissorhands.
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