Mike Larkan you are my hero

Of course i refer to channel 10 Melbourne’s roving weatherman extraodinaire. I couldn’t care less for the rest of the news hour, but i always switch the telly on at 5 to 6 to find out what the future holds. The weather segment is the only part that ever talks about the domestic scene, and does it in an upbeat way.

Mike goes out and does ‘on the spot’ style weather reports form all over the joint. At first it was just when there was some event or something happening, like a special exhibit at scienceworks. (In fact, these days he’s out at scienceworks so much that they gave him his own office.) But lately it’s been any excuse to be somewhere — anywhere; the other week Mike was on the ‘Time Wounds All Heels’ hill in Northcote near where i used to live. Not that there was anything special happening there, he was just there. I’ve thought of writing him an invite to do a gig from the backyard here, why not ay?

When he says Geelong, he says Geeeeelong, and when he says Malacoota he says Maaaaalacoota — and I think this is great. I like it when in the current temperatures bit Geelong is slightly warmer than Frankston, because frankston sucks and we kick their arses. My only minor quibble with mr.Larkan is that when he is actually in the studio, he stands right in front of the numbers for the forcast for the week ahead and generally I only get to see them for half a second, which at that stage of the day isn’t long enough for them to soak into my usually frazzled out brain.

I got a sense of Mike’s talent for the O.B. (outside broadcast) a while back when he was on hols and the stand in person did the gig from a pub in Williamstown. It was a disaster, all I could hear was a mumbly background din of patrons talking. I don’t know how Mike would’ve overcome this, but believe me, he would’ve found a way.
But last night the inevitable irony took place, and heavy rain leaked into the OB truck, and mike wasn’t able to transmit from wherever he was.

Courtesy of The Unkie George Show, here’s a brief interview with Mike. Maybe I need to get more oxygen, or that it’s in transcript format, but it reads pretty abstract.

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