The USSR is the crack of the world proletariat!

<%image(20040113-healthful.jpg|222|277|The Man lays it down in the kitchen)%>
Last week I had a whole pineapple in my hand and was struck by how much it reminded me of a head with a wacky upstanding hairstyle.

The drawback of living in a region where the temperature varies significantly is that when it snaps into warm/warm, lots of people are still walking around with the anglo-saxon rod stuck up their arses. How was i supposed to know the library was one of them “no shirt, no shoes, no borrowing” joints?

I got 80% for cultural studies. I’d like to take a moment to personally thank Madonna for being post-modern. Or not, depending on your opinion. Ta.

KUI have a mini look at an exhibition what’s on in London currently of some Russian political art here. The titles are almost as good as those of the maoist stuff that came later.

url: stuff wars

Rude, up-themselves, library people.

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