down on King Island

Two beverages i picked up at Not Quite Right:
At first I thought maybe they got this idea from some distant land; maybe somewhere else thinks putting whey and citrus juice together is a fine idea. The kind of taste that at very first impression is gross, but becomes oddly compelling. Why did this end up at NQR? I’ll get to that later. On the box it says whey is a wonder product. What the hell is whey anyway? I don’t know, but while it lasts I’ve got my daily reccomended intake of it licked. Just got to work on the curds.
<%image(20040113-chug.jpg|141|281|chug a lug!)%>
This was really yum – I kept sipping and sipping until it was all gone in one go. It tops farmer’s union iced coffee easy, and that’s saying something. It also contains whey.
On it, it says, “Drink Chugalug straight from the pack, or by the glass”. That’s a funny expression isn’t it, ‘by the glass’. It’s like, ‘I’m sitting here, by the glass, drinking something’. Maybe it should be, “…straight from the pack, or in the glass”, but then that sounds like it’s a giant glass and your climbing into the glass.

Both of these are made by the folks on King Island. They have a website, but there’s nothing there.
So my guess is the whole project suffered from drastically bad financial management — that’s why I found this stuff at NQR. And now they’ve go a crapload of whey sitting around down there that they don’t know what to do with. Or maybe the purple monkey had something to do with it, shifty lookin’ little bugger.

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