Case of the mysterious zombie sex weblogs mystery

“Hey Dexter, come and take a look at this. What do you make of it?”, Cornray was sitting at Scorpio’s 1991 Nashuatec mainframe, an absolute beast of a machine. “The Spouting website is getting some weird pattern of pings”, he continued.
“Since when has Scorpio detective agency been affiliated with Spouting? That completely contradicts that thing from the other week.” Poindexter was at the verge of the ‘getting-too-excited-about-continuity’ up-ramp–again.
“Never mind the inconsistencies for now. Look at these sites,”
“Look pretty normal from a cursory glance right?”
“Yeah. Pretty lame though”, said Dexter, calming down.
“Look closer.” Conray pushed back a touch on his roller-chair.
“Well, to start with very few weblogs in English link to european language sites. Look at this .de, .nl, dk, de, at. Where’s .at?” Dexter took the mouse and clicked. “That’s a fake comments link!”
“Yes. And the entries are just grabbed from news site feeds.”
“Ah. Is it prawn?”
“Yep. Check the mark-up. There’s a transparent gif at the bottom of all of them.”
“But they have individual domain names – that’d cost heaps. And what do they expect to gain from setting up transient fake links to genuine weblogs? Surely that wouldn’t be a very effective way of gaining page rank.”
“Oh, you’d be surprised, Dex. The amount of people who take a quick look at one of these sites linking to them and then linking back without thinking, even if it’s just in an entry and not a link-list.
As for the addresses, you remember the original wave of cyber-squatting pyramid schemes?”
Poindexter whistled. “So they’re finally paying off–”
“Well I wouldn’t go so far as to say that but they’re being used now at least–”
“Subverting the internet for the purposes of prawn gets me so angry!” Dexter’s fists balled up and his eyes clenched shut in rage behind their oober-thick glasses. His voice jumped several octaves making it obvious that he was, in fact, a hamster. “And especially not the weblogs… don’t mess with the weblogs!”
<%image(20040113-bucharest.jpg|224|330|the bucharest boys)%>
“All these pings are originating from the same server.”
“Bucharest”, said Cornray, holding up two economy class aeroplane tickets.
“Let’s go.”
{fade up pacey movement music-track}

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