I finally got a bike lock and my brother let me have his mountain bike. Compared to the AOGG kruiser it’s like driving an AT-AT – in that it’s a long way to the ground and I feel like I could ride over the whole town and crush the little buildings under my wheels.

The Speedway scene came to Geelong for the weekend but it was pretty boring. Even more boring was these that just parked there doing nothing, except this one. The Volkswagon Karmen Ghia remains one of my all-time fav. cars. Gorgeous shape.

<%image(20040113-ghia.JPG|300|152|beep! beep!)%>

It was for sale and they were asking 30 thou.

I went for a long ride right around the bay and saw this sign at St. Helens pier.

<%image(20040113-farkthat.JPG|120|202|boat farking)%>

I was hoping I could make this a little edutainment session and tell you what fark meant but it’s not in the dictionary and google only mentions that website.

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