yes sir, i can boogie

I saw some excellent bumper stickers on the back of a little hatchback yesterday. They took up quite a bit of the rear window – the owner must be very enthusiastic about stickers. “caution: indicator broken, watch for finger”, I forget the second one, and my personal favourite, “BITE ME!” — just like mash of mashin’ on the motorway.

I’m listening to a double CD set of Disco – Nothin’ but Disco Oh! what a night. Right up the trashy end of disco – the stuff that spawned ‘Disco Sucks’ bumper stickers. You know that Hot Chocolate song, You Sexy Thing — I always thought the line in that was, “I believe in milko, where ya from?…”etc. And I knew that milko didn’t sound sound right but nothing obvious fitted. It was only a couple of months ago when a tv ad. used it – covered it and slowed it down enough for me to hear the word ‘miracles’ in there.

There’s this church over the other side of town and I think they dispatched with the crucifix and stuck a cement garden gnome in its place. It’s kind of hard to tell from the ground, especially since it’s not painted — a red hoody hat would make a world of difference. I think he’s holding a cement boquet of flowers.

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