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Yes, I watched the movie Donnie Darko last night. The surreal bits were uh impressive, and Frank the freaky rabbit – genius. It doesn’t take much of a time paradox story to get me going huh? – this included. I always have to sit around for a while afterwards trying to iron out the chronology. But I don’t mind it all when there’s bits that elude me as to how they fit in. Like with Frank, and how on that last night that Donnie was alive a minor character whose name was also frank, wearing a bunny suit for Halloween showed up — I didn’t get that.

I just caught a little bit of catalyst and there was this story design by fungus (a little bit down) – where a guy got some beer yeast or something on his CD then played it a week later and the yeast bacteria had added to the music (which was readable by the player) — it did its own remix! They tried with other things — CDROMs with pictures on and movies — and they same thing happened. It basically had the effect or ranadomly throwing stuff together. … Random, or is it?
It reminded me a bit of a Star Trek; “Bugger this, I wanna listen to my Hot Chocolate album. I’m cleaning the disk.”
“But no! What about the prime directive?! They’re intelligent, I just need to prove it.”

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An Aldi supermarket opened in belmont (aka smelmont) a few weeks ago. At that time I went and had a look and as with most new things, i found it disturbing and confusing. Most did I think – people would frown and tilt their head a little at one display then move on to the next and do the same again. It was like a museum, except with way more visitors than any dumb old museum would get.
All the products were the same, but the packaging was strange and instead of tiny teddys they had der Winzige Bären.
I went there again today and it was okay. I can’t really tell if it’s any cheaper – how the hell am I supposed to remember prices for all those things. The pizza bases deal seemed reasonable, besides I had to buy something. They have technology in there – that’s kind of confusing. CD rewriters and that kind of thing.
And the cashiers/checkout chicks get to sit down – wow – how’s that for strange? They get comfy seats. And if you want a plastic bag you have to ask for it – and I think it costs extra — which I think absolutely Rocks.

It’s funny — ages ago I mentioned that French film Tout va bien – and eventually got to watch it. It was really good. The end scene was in a supermarket in 1972 – along the checkouts – this one 2-3 minute pan back and across dozens of checkouts — French checkout chicks get to sit down too.

myrr purrs
date: 2003-11-14-00-29
When I was living in Germany I always shopped Aldi … they were cheap! Every supermarkt in Germany you have to ask for a plastic bag, and everywhere the checkout chicks get to sit down. I was very impressed

name: Christop
stuff wars
date: 2003-11-14-11-02
Apparently they are going to be opening two of them here in Ballarat, and all the other supermarkets are worried.
Thats great about the bag option. Usually when I go to the supermarket it’s just for something I’m going to use straight away, and I’ve normally got my own bag anyway.

name: yak sox
date: 2003-11-14-18-42
It’s the way to go – having to ask for a bag rather than it being assumed that you want one. I’m always having to say “don’t worry about a bag” and they get huffy about it like I’m telling them how to do their job.

Interesting that Aldi’s going regional — I’m pretty sure there isn’t any in Melbourne at this stage.

name: Myrr
url: myrr purrs
date: 2003-11-14-19-44
Actually there’s a couple in Melbourne – the one I go to is in Heidelberg, I wondered if they picked the suburb because it sounded familiar *G*

name: Jon
the spork
date: 2003-11-15-08-58
Come to think of it – even though I lived in germany for some years I don’t think I shopped in one – aaactually I did .. We bough 42 packets of gummi baers! (Gummibaerchen) ..those things rock.

name: yak sox
date: 2003-11-15-13-12
Hehe – 42 packets. Bulk fun!

name: Christop
url: stuff wars
date: 2003-11-16-15-58
There’s also one in Ferntree Gully (I know that ’cause it’s near my parents’) and one in Deer Park, which we went past yesterday on the way back from Box Hill.

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