Say kids, What Time Is It?

* Summer job idea no.2: I found a ‘personal consultancy firm’ called, Hey, You Know What You Should Do.
Over-opinionated people who constantly make a point of sticking their nose into other people’s business are everywhere, what I’ll do is pick out a couple who actually know what they’re talking about and they can do the work. My job title will be “bidnessman”. (Speaking of which, I added it to the urban dictionary.)
It’ll be aimed at people with a lot of money but little spirit, and it’ll work on the principle of, “Gee, I’m paying a lot of money for this so it must work”.

Y’know I haven’t seen either of the second two Matrix movies, and probably won’t until they make it into the 5 weekly vids for 5 bucks deal category. It doesn’t matter really anyway because there’s enough people out there whinging on about them that I know everything that happens anyway. I’m getting editorial here:
Settle Down People, what were you expecting ???? – The answers to Life The Universe And Everything aren’t going to be handed to you in a fucking multiplex cinema, and certainly not from a movie written by a couple of CGI Nerds. fuck.

Spouting’s Psycho of the Week award goes to this fella. Nice knives.

I can relate to this: “Come to think of it, why do I sometimes write about what I ate for dinner?” Widmar asked.

url: the horse’s mouth
date: 2003-11-12-21-47
I also wait for new release movies to be in the 5 for $5 weekly range on video. God, it only takes 9-14 months now that the attention span of the average videowatcher matches the mating period of a fruit fly!

name: yak sox
date: 2003-11-12-21-51
For sure, and once you get into that 14 month delay it works fine! I rented Donnie Darko this week. :^)

name: Jon
the spork
date: 2003-11-13-08-06
DD. good movie that. And…nice knives.

name: yak sox
date: 2003-11-13-14-22
I just watched it last night – yes indeed!
– the knives — only in Nevada.

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