Linux all sorts

Lots of stuff happening on the distros front, what with Novell buying SuSE and this n’ that. My first thought was that it doesn’t sit well with my conspiracy theory that SuSE was the EU’s distribution. But it was a good move for Novell and my bet is that they give RedHat a whipping.
I know it could be argued that Sun has some decent proprietary software – with SunOne and whatever, but this purchase is the move they should’ve made ages ago – instead of piss-farting around with just the Ximian desktop.

It appears that there’s not so much reason to get snarky at RedHat as I thought – there’s a little backdoor so the average user can still use it via Fedora which is like a solid but ‘in testing’ version of RH.

And Debian has constructed an installer, which does hardware detection etc. which is a great idea. I’ll have to give that a go.
Quote from Futurama, “My old life wasn’t as glamourous as my web page made it look”.

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