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You know there’s that fancy looking Playstation tv ad. on at the moment – the fun, anyone?, ‘get on board’, mountain thing. It’s an impressive ad., but then there was undoubtedly a lot of money spent on it to make it so. I guessed right that it’s Shirley Temple singing. From what I can tell it’s an old gospel/folk tune, in this case used in a shirley temple movie. I couldn’t find a copy of that particular version on the net, but did find a different song using the same title — a slightly hilarious hemp-buddy folk song singing the praises of wacky-tobaccy -> here. A little bit of it goes, “you can’t beat it, you can eat it as a substitute for meat, it’s very wearable it’s tearable but now it isn’t sharable”. Heh, sharable.

While on music, I came across these bite-sized bits of, “The Golden Age of ATARI Game Musics” – which are really fun, – a bit like vintage muzak. 1.1Mb of a few songs is downloadable then it fades out — it’s actually the best way I’ve seen so far of tempting a person to order the album. It lets you hear enough but not the whole thing.

Pleasantly surprised to read in the Green Guide that Kath & Kim was topping the ratings instead of some hyped up dross. Due to it being before CNNNN I was watching it and thought it pretty damn clever. I was listening to the Spinal Tap album last week and got to thinking that they’re similar in that they’re really well studied in what they satire and both are good at choosing their moments when to go over the top. Kath & Kim got my vote when they managed to weave “Locks, Knobs and Knockers” into a show.

This is what I meant by not judging Milli Vanilli too harshly. That’s a good bit of writing.

Having a bit of a muck around with Nucleus in the Scorpio folder.

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