Vulcan Conray: Discomorphology.

Dexter Poindexter: what’s that?
VC: The reports are still pretty vague, but there’s these creatures who zero in on discos. They change shape so that they look like regular groovers and then hit the dance floor.
DP: Why would they do that?
VC: To “get down” with the human disco-goers, if you know what I mean.
DP: Say n’more. Sounds a lot like an x-files episode though.
VC: Yes. Yes it does. That’s the really weird thing, normally you’d expect to hear about something like this and then find out that a tv show had used it, but this was completely the other way around. Discomorphology reports didn’t surface until way after that series had finished.
DP: So what are you saying? That the writers of x-files have something to do with it?
VC: Oh hell no. It’s just a coincidence, that’s all.
DP: It’s funny you should mention x-files, because you know that website It’s really got mixed up with the conspiracists this time. Something that was on it got linked to by this page. In amongst all the serious sounding reports like, “Victims Identified in Fatal Plane Crash”, and “Another Top Microbiologist Dies – 12 in the Last Five Months” is “Where Are Mulder & Scully When You Need Them?”. So that spouting guy must feel pretty silly eh?
VC: Yeah. If I ever catch up with that guy I’ll give him a piece of my mind… I do not look like Fat Albert.

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