toot! toot!

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I took this foto of the tugboat today, and recolourised it just for the heck of it why not? One day I want to be a tugboat captain. And i really like the phrase, “Toot! Toot!” — if I was going to rename the weblog that’s what it’d be. It applies to so many things – tugboats, trains … tugboats. It’s upbeat and tooting enthusiasm.

I’m really liking the camera. I saw this bird flying toward me — a pacific gull or something – big thing. I was able to whip the camera out of my pocket, turn it on and then take a couple of shots of the bird – which turned out okay. The point is, the start up time is way better than the old one, and there’s no real delay between clicking and the image being recorded.

But the connectivity to Linux situation isn’t so hot. I’m tiring of it and have quietly started wanting a 12 inch, G4 iBook laptop. All I ask for is a bit of connectivity and more multimedia support, woe, woe woe.

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