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Some small web related things:

The Open Diectory Project blogs section has started moving again. For what seems like years it hasn’t been updated due to not having an editor. I was thinking it was becoming way too big to ever be properly maintained. Oddly, they re-catalogued this site as, ‘sox, yak – spouting’. Whatever. At least it doesn’t say I live at in the beach in on anglesea. Can you believe it? I made a grammatical boo-boo when filling out the description bit.

Another RSS feed searching mechanism hit the scene, called Bloogz, which hails from Italy. Webby mechanisms are a dime a dozen, so if one doesn’t work then there’s not much chance you’re going to return to use it. And that’s why I’ve switched from using Feedster to Bloogz as a weblog search-thing. Feedster would hang more often than not.

Ah rats – I can’t find it now. I came across one of those quizzes on a weblog last week. Benny Boy would’ve liked it, if he was ever on the internet anymore. It was, “What completely random blogger are you?”. I didn’t do it for obvious reasons.
Essentially, from there the only place to go is, “which member of the human species are you?” and it asks you to punch in your tax file number, social security and driver’s license details. Then it spits back a picture of you from high school (the kind that They keep on record just in case you ever get mixed up in shoplifting, again).

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