the unattainable is invariably attractive

I was looking for those short films that BMW commisioned to sell their cars, and found them but they’re way too long for me to download or do anything about, but also came across a bunch of cars painted by known artists.
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Some are interesting and some look like doona covers. The quotes included from each artist are revealing. Like, Ken Done says, “I wanted my BMW Art Car to express beauty and speed”.
Radical, Ken.

I can relate to unfinished jokes because I’ve got a really bad memory for that kind of thing. Always forgetting the punchline or getting the timing wrong. I like these ones.

“Something about the A-Team having their own cookery show with the punchline ”I love it when a flan comes together“.”

“1. Toy Story 3 made under the rules of Dogme film-making. 2 hours of a pile of real toys not moving. In poor lighting.
2. Richard Gere to star in Being Madeleine Albright. Richard finds a portal into her mind and uses it to try to influence policy and sort out Tibet and that sort of thing. But he only gets 15 minutes at a time. Cue much policy toing and froing. Hilarity possibly ensues.”
Via as above.

the spork
date: 2003-11-03-21-03
I actually downloaded those movies – the one with James Brown and Gary Oldman is awesome =)

name: yak sox
date: 2003-11-03-21-37
I might be able to have a look at the streamed versions via an adsl connection I know of closer to christmas.

name: tony
url: the horse’s mouth

date: 2003-11-04-00-52
Why did BMW have to commision artists to paint their cars? They could have parked the cars in Northcote overnight and got some fantastic artwork done for free!

name: yak sox
date: 2003-11-04-09-35
Actually one of the more recent artists said this wasn’t the first time they’d painted a car…

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