“you know how to whistle, don’t you Steve?”

Now that exam study is becoming neccesary I get the overwhelming desire to clean. I hosted the Xtreme vacuuming championships, with me being the only contestant, and I won!
There’s something very humbling about cleaning one’s ‘personal spaces’ and by that I mean shower/bath/toilet — cleaning the places where you become clean. It reminds me of being mortal – and not in the “golly i can’t squat down for as long as I used to anymore” way, but in the fully grand-supremo “I’m an animal and I came from the dirt and I’ll be going back to the dirt”. And infact there’s dirt coming out of me right now — the bottom of the shower (pre this arvo) was evidence of that.
Oh .. the crud. I can see how people get complexes about it, being advanced, civilsed, Western with all this stuff we still can’t stop crap oozing out of our bodies.

I went to a fete yesterday and bought some pin-stripe trousers from the bric-a-brac hall. I’m thinking maybe the gomez addams look might be the go. Weird to wear pants that have no pockets – it means all sorts of extra organisation.

One of the tracks, lesson 3, that was used in that hip-hop doco can be got from Waxy Andy, here. I schnaffled them back when he posted them and Lesson 3 definitely stands out – very catchy.

Myrr has some entertaining posts about her recent travel in India. Worth a look!
And a shout out to abstraktn. :^)
And christop. :^)

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