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Five months after I intended to go get it, I went and bought a new digital camera yesterday. The upside to this was that in that time prices dropped and I was able to get the version one step above. I bought the Ixus II – from the good folks at KameraHaus on Elizabeth st in the city. So that was really cool – I was able to avoid rewarding incompetence yet again. The same model was also at Officewerks here in Geelong, but they must’ve been trippin’ or something because it was $80 dearer.

There’s way more doo-dads and d’whose-its-whats-its on it than I thought, so it may be several weeks before I review it for the erstwhile category ‘chumps n’ cheapskates computering compenium’.

I got to have a ride on one of them spacey new trams. Man they sure looked like fun to drive – I reckon you wouldn’t mind being part of an atom-smashed union and paid $3 an hour if you got to drive one of them all day. It was like a cross between the TARDIS and helm control of the starship Enterprise. Although it didn’t have a ding bell like normal trams, it has a meep-meep road-runner-style car-like horn (and the driver wasn’t shy about jumping on it) and a simulated electronic ding bell sound for the benefit of the passengers. Funny these digital sounds pretending to be analogue — the kamera does that too – it makes a little shutter-click sound.

I popped in to see my sister at her workplace, {name of a recently mentioned corporate coffee house}. We were standing around shooting the bull and she was calling out to these two people sitting not far away – that their coffees were ready, but they just ignored her. Fucking arrogant yuppies, I thought.
Turns out they were deaf.

the spork

date: 2003-11-01-14-33
That camera is similar to Jay’s. Photo awaaaaay.!

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