DJ rabid flying squirrels

There is indeed a reason for the Alta Vista search engine to keep on existing — and it is its cataloging of audio on the net. Like this for example.
I’d never realised how many wacky DJ names there were out there, from DJ Disc Jockey to DJ Pooh. There’s even a DJ name generator for prospective DJs stuck for a name, but really anything goes — just look around you for inspiration – DJ coffee table, DJ floppy disk, DJ Keens Mustard – and so on and so forth. I bags the reflexive sounding ‘DJ Names’ – if not for me then at least for a fictional character.

From what I looked/listened through, I liked DJ fish finger, DJ Dentist and DJ Sergei/DJ Kalaschnikow in a dodgey kind of way, sort of.
Okay stop saying DJ now.

Dr. Doolittle may be fictional, but David Attenborough is pretty close – and real. He’s not talking to them, but he’s mastered the fine art of Hanging Out with the animals. He’s always just popping up next to them – what a dude.
And in one of those minor magical moments – I saw this image on telly earlier tonight and thought it’d be great if there was a still of that somewhere on the internet.
It’s like the more I’m able to see things from different perspectives, the more I’m spun out by the diversity of weird and wonderful animals on the planet.

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