the darndest things

“Evans, too, says he has had some concern over this particular trend and what it all means. ”I do worry sometimes that parents are giving the message that children are possessions,“ he says.” – from here (article about using brand names as first names), reminds me a bit of a para in that article I linked to a while back about the ‘metrosexual’ and how beckham had got tattoos of his kid(s?) names – ‘wearing them like a trophy’ – if I remember correctly. And, as you can imagine, that’s taken off as a trend bigtime.
And there’s all these people who are making up weblogs and writing them pretending to be their toddler. There’s a bunch of them in the Melbourne Blogs list. Maybe it’s a different issue – but it still seems like a kinda dipppy thing to do. And there was a lot of people subscribing to Triple R FM (during the last radiothon) who were subscribing in their child’s name — not that it got them a discount or anything – just to be cute I s’pose. The Breakfasters made a competition out of it – the youngest subscriber — and someone rang up from hospital and subscribed their 1-2 hour old kid. ?

Ps. – I would relink to that salon article but it’s saying ‘it can’t find that particular article now’ — which is something I’ve been coming across quite a bit with news sites — seriously fast link rot.

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