PHP5 and other full scale nerdery

Been flicking through the November issue of LinuxFormat magazine this weekend. There’s an article on PHP5 in it, which would appear to bode well for those of us running weblog systems powered by PHP. This new version will include sqLite – which is good for archiving stuff without needing MySql — which if you’re in the situation of renting webspace on a server – usually costs extra. Also there’s something about XML in there that sounded good. I didn’t really understand it.

Gentoo 1.4 is on the mag too — except I haven’t quite figured out how to burn it to a CD.

They had a news article about how IBM will be upping the ‘we love Linux’ ante later this year with a 90 second television commercial (TVC) that attempts to explain Linux to people in a round-about manner.
<img src=”” width=”60″ height=”60″ alt=”20040113_PRODIGY” />It portrays Linux as a 9 year old kid who is a super-intense learner. It can be viewed here at the IBM website – in Real, Quicktime or windows media.
Ironically, with my effort and set up of Linux on this computer – I can’t watch it (but there’s a script of it too – more my style anyway) — if my Linux was a kid – it’d be the kid who got his head stuck in between the legs of the in-store “on a park bench” statue of Ronald McDonald at McDonalds.

That model isn’t pictured on this page but I’ll get a foto of one next weekend once I get my new kamera and go on a trek through belmont (aka smelmont).
I notice two of the entries in the “The Misadventures of Ronald McDonald” bit of that page are about australia. Alright! Fight The Power.

Y’know there was car racing at Gold Coast today – and just like last year it was a total demolition derby and ridiculous to watch. There’s one car whose main sponsors are Eli Lily and McDonalds and I’ve mentioned before about how I wish ill upon it — not that I want the driver to die, just for the car to have a bit of a prang or conk out — and it did again today – good you tool of evil car.
But it did win a couple of times – once over in france or germany and there was this freaky bit of footage from after the race where the car pulled up and the driver jumped out for interviews and (a person dressed up/made up as) Ronald McDonald ran up and stood behind the driver because it was a photo-op situation. But damn it looked weird and uh creepy. The clown is yet another indicator of that corporation being a 20th century dinosaur that’s on the way out.

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