henry the pony

This is another bit that cropped up in the mass media recently that caught my interest.
It’s horse racing season in this part of the world, whooppee-doo, except there’s this one horse come from England called Jardine’s Lookout – and he absolutely refuses to travel without his friend, Henry the pony. And here’s some pictures of them.
It cost 30 or 70 thousand just to bring Henry out here, but J.L. chucks a spaz if Henry’s not around.
J.L. : “Listen, I’m earning you huge wads of cash, you’re constantly flying me round to all these gigs – I never get a break — so just gimme my frikkin’ pony Okay?”

Someone should make Henry the Pony t-shirts.

the spork
date: 2003-10-27-19-57
I actually made 2 bucks on the races this weekend – otherwise I’d believe Henry the Pony was running in the races I picked =). (For reference we usually put a dollar on each race at either Sydney or Melbourne each weekend for fun =) )

name: yak sox
date: 2003-10-28-08-06
It’s like footy tipping – the less of an ‘expert’ you are with it, the more chance you have of picking the right one.

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