a wiki in xhtml – i’d like to see that

I changed what kind of wiki I’m using because the last one caught on fire.
TipiWiki – is neat because it makes valid xhtml. The codey bit it uses to get bold, italic etc. seem a bit quirky but that’s probably just me who hasn’t used wiki much.

Golly, it almost doesn’t seem right to be switching to daylight savings on sunday. I think satan has taken over my bit-that-I-type-stuff-into because I keep making typos — much more than normal. Maybe it’s just a bug. I may have to report it to Pivot Central Command, dubbing it the Satan-Bug.

the spork
date: 2003-10-25-14-20
Hmm yeah there aren’t too many wiki’s out there that produce wiki content in xml and then render it out as xhtml with xslt. <-- the fact that that line made sense to me worries me.

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