Nothing witty or brief today. Just long, sulf-indulgent and without much point.

I was out walking the other day thinking about possible banner graphics for future site redesigns and got thinking about a photo of me riding that lion that’s in this foto – riding it like it was a bucking bronco – and me holding a flag of some kind. It might work except that I got nobody who would take a foto like that, and those lions are in the sitting down position, which just wouldn’t do.
‘But where would I find a big stone/metal lion that’s in standing up position?’ I thought. And almost as if it was meant to happen, I walked past the house that had this lion (the black one) out the front (It’s one a curcuit I like to walk now and then) and I had a closer look in the gate and Great Snakes! – down the little path and just outside the house’s front door were two similar black metal lions – except standing up and looking menacing to all who would use the path.

It’s too much like a Lame-Arse stunt to invade someone’s frontyard and get pictures of yourself riding their lions, yahooing and carrying on… but boy it’s tempting.

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