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The most noticable thing about the switch up to Opera 7.21 was that with the (adware version) you now get the choice of sticking with the normal graphical style ad or have the addy rectangle display Google text ads — and so they say “your privacy is protected” but it picks up prompts from the sites you visit and displays similarly themed text ads.
I went the text ads thinking that would draw my attention less than the occasional horoscope thing that shows up in the graphical – that thing’s too much – it flashes and warbles around. But I find myself looking at the text ads and trying to figure out how it’s relating the content of the site to the ad. A couple of times I clicked on them.
I only just found out how the Google text ads work the other day. For about half a second I considered adding them to here, then I realised that they’d actually do little except annoy four people and earn me 14cents american per annum.

I found this site, adland, which had a little bit on the ‘bloody volvo drivers’ tv ads. We agree that they don’t really work. I’d say that the campaign strategy of embracing the whole “volvo drivers are bad drivers” thing is a good idea (at least it’s distinctive). People want to identified as something, anything these days, and if volvo can’t distiguish itself from the rest then whey the fuck not just buy a BMW? That’s what I think anyway — particularly now that Ford owns volvo.

And via adland I looked at this collection of print ads on this guy Zeldman’s site. Apparently he some kind of bigwig on the net. Never’eardof’im.

url: adland
date: 2003-11-03-00-39
that Volvo campaign is distinctive – and that is risky. would love to hear what people who have seen it think about it, and how it turns out.

name: yak sox
date: 2003-11-03-09-10
I haven’t bought the local trade journal for the last while so I don’t know that they had anything on it.

To me, the actual ads vary – one involving a motorcyclist and a volvo 4WD is too much like the hardball TAC road safety ad. campaign here. The others a little more quirky — and in this situation — the more quirky the better I think.

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