After killing both George and John, Paul now goes after Ringo

Just listened to Madonna’s Like a Prayer album — partly because of the post-mod assignment I’m in the thick of at the moment, and partly because I wanned to.
Reading more tintin, but also attempting to re-read a little Dylan Thomas book of short stories, A prospect of the sea with the idea that if I can’t read all the books in existence then i might as well just try reading three or four really well. Am finding the reverse of something encountered a few years back, where I had trouble really getting into reading something – at the time on computer screen. Now i can do that but absorbing into a book is a challenge. Not with the school stuff, but that gets the prime cut of the daytime concentration.

Was researching a little on The Beatles and music vids – and came across A hard day’s night: a chord heard around the world. Interesting, and nicely sized read. Actually the whole kittens in underpants thing looks kinda groovy (except that one of them’s a freakin’ dentist).

– check out the David Soul interview, and his own website – hehe. “Don’t give up on me baaayy-beee!”

super-liking: DJ Food’s Ninja Walk song. And the Senor Coconut samba-style cover of Smoke on the Water.
(Ooo! Dj food and Aphex Twin are going to be out here this summer! A.T. is playing at the Big day Out but I’m hoping like buggery that he does a couple of stand-alone gigs in town or something because I’ll be damned if I’m going to wade through all those filthy teen-agers at the show grounds.)

the spork
date: 2003-10-21-22-22
For me it’s a “depends on the material” – I once bought “The Satori Effect” ( online as a pdf. It was quite a good read and I read it pretty much on-screen ..

name: yak sox
date: 2003-10-21-22-53
Yeah – if it’s gripping enough the medium don’t get noticed.

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