gold in my pocket

I too can’t wait to get hold of a new camera. I was planning on visiting melvourne today to get it, but they are out of stock, and frankly I’m sick of dealing with them. There seems to be this correlational law that they who have the lowest prices will also be the rudest arseholes in the business — when it comes to device sellers. When a fella rings up your business on daytime STD rates, he don’t like to be sent straight to commercial radio Hold.
So what price decent service? I’m still on a budget, but I think I’d pay an extra $30 to not deal with Computer World in Richmond.

Up to my nose in browsers. I grabbed Mozilla 1.5 and installed it, but it’s not picking up the anti-aliasing which is a bit of a shame. Firebird 0.7 is the same but I knew it would be — just nice to have a go of. Switching back to Opera (7.21 Final for Linux) for a main browser. It always manages to pick up the a-a-ing.

Having a little squiz at nucleus weblog system. I’ve got no intention of switiching, but I’ve had this MySQL database as part of this webspace, sitting here for the last 6 months and I haven’t done anything with it. Nucleus has a fairly large range of plugins.

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