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I had to shut off the commenting system for all the old movable type entries because they were collecting comment-spam. My definition of a comment-spammer has sharpened a little — they’re the ones that leave odd little “shopping catalogue” paragraphs for two-bit products, and they have yahoo email addresses. They’re different to (geez is it different to, than or from??? fuck I’m tired) bozos – who may waltz through leave a dumb comment, but have no profit-motive.

I haven’t been a dazzling chimp-with-a-space-helmet (i.e. beta-tester) for Pivot lately. Just got no time for it. There’s so many things that need tweaking. The best weblogging system is always the one that I’m not using. More time goes to that in a month.

Further on the Pirate Video store thing. I’ll go to one of the other video stores and take fotos of the videos sitting on the shelves then print them out on the bubble-jet and then put them on the front of the boxes in my store. A printed out foto of another video, sitting on another shelf. If any of the customers asks me about it I’ll say, “Hey listen pal are you gonna rent it or not?” and if they keep hassling me then I’ll say it’s the director’s art-house cut version of the movie.

Further on the “where did the ‘sure, just cut them up like regular chickens’, quote come from?” mystery, according to jazzmonkey in wizconsin it’s from David Lynch’s Eraserhead — which I haven’t seen since I was 16 or something.

Wow, who would’ve thought the theme to ‘The Love Boat’ would be 4.1megabytes long?

the spork
date: 2003-10-17-09-33
Can’t say I have ever watched it .. which I think is a character flaw so I shall try to rectify it asap.

name: yak sox
date: 2003-10-17-09-48
It’s a very strange movie. That’s for sure.

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