Getting the blood out of the clown suit

Came across Red Meat last night. Pretty clever — I especially like bug-eyed Earl – like this one, this one and I might have to get some of them iron-on transfers for the bubble-jet and put this one on a t-shirt. I know they make t-shirts, but like gramma used to say, the fun hasn’t really started until copyright’s been breached.

And tracking back from there, here’s some clown jokes.

Mandrake Linux has jumped with their new version today, and I have been keeping an ear out for that announcement, but would’ve made more sense to me to wait another month or whatever – so they could include a more established version of the 2.6 kernel, and KDE 3.2.
I get little moments where frustration about aspects of Slackware get to me (like CD burning isn’t really working, mplayer plugin not sorted) but at least I’ve been able to easily upgrade things like KDE. Now that Mandrake’s run with kde 3.1.3, there won’t be any freely available updates to that, which ain’t very enticing.

url: the spork
date: 2003-10-16-20-00 <-- my favourite ! =)

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