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Terribly procrastination-full day. Sometimes I get stuck in this space where I don’t want to do what i ‘should’ do – so I don’t, but I don’t feel good about it and it stops me from doing much else too.
I watched the kevin smith movie Dogma which was okay i s’pose.. A little self-serving. Got to wondering what has become of “Jay” – Jason Mewes after all this. I seem to remember he’d headed for mexico.

Mucking around a little bit with a wiki – the Wiki! sort, which should do fine – I don’t intend to load too much stuff into it. It’s not one of those collaborative things although the option is there to whack that function into it. I don’t know why I always go for over-saturated colours, probably because they are there.
Started working on my definition of a bombastic writing style where I will put the meanings of words that I make up and use here.
Ah… I should writie a list of all the really super-important things I want to do once School’s Out For Summer (now less than a month away).
1. Set up and run my own Pirate Video store.

I like these two fotos of the google guys juggling. i have to be honest and say i’m rather envious of them, and not because they can juggle.

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