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(Update): via graham – Ah-hah! – Here is the documentation of serious geographical inaccuracies. Maybe they have a pair of those portals that you walk through and are instantly transported to somewhere else, but I doubt it.

The local state govt here have started this publicity push to do with enticing people out of the city and into provincial Victoria. Fine. I saw an ad. for it tonight featuring some people who run a certain sourdough making establishment which is located just down the road from the sox family ancestral palaces – ie. where I was last weekend.
And ad. making people, I’ve got news for you – Irrewarra *is not* in the Otways. The distinct scarcity of *trees* alerts most people to this fact.
What they’re not telling prospective immigrants to irrewarra (now conveniently located in cool-temperate rainforest) is that they’d have to do their shopping in Colac – which is full of freaks. Even my mum agrees to that.
My personal take on it is that the whole town is stuck somewhere between 1967 and ’74. Popularity of Hendrix, The Doors and Led Zep hasn’t fallen off at all.

When I was in year twelve I went over to the tech. school for one subject (psychology). We got there via a bus that’d just shuttle between the 3 secondary schools all day. A real flesh and blood Otto drove it – the long curly mullet, sunglasses – the lot. He’d stuck full-sized lounge-room stereo speakers in the luggage racks and blasted The Doors non-stop … Peace Frog, Roadhouse Blues etc. etc.
Anyway that’s just one slice of why colac is like it is. It’s not all bad – the supermarket has more variety than any of the ones I can reasonably get to.

How I’m getting my kicks at the moment: ascending staircases Three Steps At A Time!

I have no links today – but there’s recipes at the stereo total site mentioned yesterday — and some of those songs there are really good. They rock.

I got found out today. Someone came up to me and said i have a weblog don’t I? Hehe. Kind of spun me out, but not in an unpleasant way. Apparently this is what happens when one puts a foto of oneself on ze frontpage. So a big shout-out to all the dev. psych. students out there! ;^)

url: the spork
date: 2003-10-10-13-25
Whatever it is it has to be better that that ANNOYING unwinding roads of S.A. ad they insist on screening before every bloody film in the cinemas. That ad effects me just about in the opposite way – hey maybe it’s the same ad agency as the Panasonic ad ? Maybe they are targeting me n an anti-sort of way .. time for the tinfoil hat methinks.

name: Jay
url: mowabi
date: 2003-10-10-17-02
The way you describe Colac.. sounds very x-filey

name: yak sox
date: 2003-10-10-17-44
Unwinding roads eh? I haven’t seen it, and can’t tell if that’d be good or bad for car sickness.
Either way, you’re probably right about which agency made and that they are out to get you.
Mulder and Scully are probably involved too.

Hi Jay. Maybe with the right sound-track and some kitch billlboards it might make it.

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