Wacky-fun pop song numero uno right now is Stereo Total’s ‘I love you Ono’. There’s a line in it and I was dead certain it was, “Planet Ark — recycling”, but it turns out I was way off the mark. It would’ve been cool if that really was what they said amongst a whole bunch of stuff that had nothing to do with recycling.
It is getable out there on the net, but I won’t link to it because it’s one of those slightly dodgey sites that host lots and lots of songs rather than just one as a taster. But i want everyone else to hear it because I like it, so here’s a clue in the form of 2 lines from a Ginsberg poem;
Them Russians them Russians and them Chinamen.
And them Russians.

And the Stereo Total website is very neat too. They have a page with 13 track available for the grabbin’ — that’s enough for a whole album – wow! What do they sound like? I would say Serge Gainsbourg + Bridget Bardot meets the 5,6,7, 8s.

I just realised there a whole bunch of domain names going begging along the besmirch variation:
but besmirched is taken.

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