Tooth Wars Part 1

Meet the Greys if you already haven’t.
<img src=”” width=”100″ height=”100″ alt=”20040113_GREY” />
There’s not too much to say about them other than they don’t like you. They want to drill tiny, perfectly cylindrical holes in your teeth so things like MP3 players can be inserted there.
It’s entirely possible, dear reader, that they will do this to you tonight while you are asleep. The chances of this happening were much greater before March.

Meet the Blues.
<img src=”” width=”70″ height=”70″ alt=”20040113_BLUE” />
The Blues are shorter and they work for the Greys.
Before March the first bullet point on a typical Blue’s job description was:

  • transport humans to and from flying saucer

because that’s where the Grey’s did their work.
The Blues were getting back injuries at an alarming rate –slipped disks, hernias– because of all the lifting. Lucky for them, they took the matter to an industrial arbitration commision which decided that if the Greys wanted to continue their dental work, they had to perform it on the spot.
This was bad news for the Greys. It slowed down the project considerably.

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