riding the pole

What’s the deal with witches and broomsticks? … I knew it was something like that.

I am really impressed by Old Timey’s link-finding prowess. Like 20 questions which I found while rifling through her archives.
I thought I’d go easy on it and not say ‘maybe’ much – and it guessed I was thinking lollypop. Not bad!

What I’m reading at the moment — gone back to the classics – Tintin and The Land of Black Gold <%image(20040113-gold.jpg|80|110|woof! woof!)%> Mainly because the reading load is heavy enough during the other parts of the day, but I’ve wanted to take another look anyway.
Actually, the tintin books aren’t as good as I remember them. I sure don’t remember the dog, Snowy, talking. Still a bit of fun but.

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date: 2003-10-09-14-51
Heh, thankyou! It proves I don’t have a life . . err, wait, I mean, proves that I am highly creative and charming. (Actually, I always preach that you can find great things if you just know where to look — easy enough.)

The witch/broomstick thing: crazy!

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