milli vanilli – what are they doing nowA?

Rob n’ Fab, Fab n’ Rob. Rob died in 1998. I must’ve been looking for something behind the couch then because this is the first I’d heard of it.
The answer to what Fab’s doing is less definitive. According to this overly flippant interview – not much, but I’ve added myself to the official fab mailing list, so stay tuned.

That ‘rob died’ page is quite colourful (I particularly like the visuals of Rob slapping guys and attacking someone with a lamp base) — methinks a ripping dramatised telemovie doco could be made about their story – it’s got that Boogie Nights circular arc.

I’m having to read a bit about them for this last Cultural Studies thing on post-mod and music. I think they were judged a bit harshly. I mean – there’s lots of personalities out there in the music biz that are little more than a cog in the machine that is {name of act} – like limp bizkit etc.

<%image(20040113-dog.jpg|250|188|woof! WOOF!)%>
: a cow named Dog whose best friend is a horse.

TV: Pilot Guides is back – and even better because groover, Ian Wright, is hosting all the eps. Iran (I didn’t know they had a ski slope there. Wow), Norway (very natureful — lots of water and it all looked clean) and then earlier tonight Mongolia. I like the show because they show the icky bits too.

Ads: I like to live in the delusion that I’m not thick, but there’s these Volvo ads on telly that I just don’t get. They generally feature someone driving a Volvo — and that person uttering to themselves “Bloody Volvo drivers”, which is directed at someone who’s not driving a Volvo. ???


url: Crispyhead
date: 2003-10-06-18-41
finally! for some reason I couldn’t comment yesterday…there’s a volvo ad where there’s a guy in a supermarket and his trolley gets bumped by another guy with a trolley who was recklessly “driving” it and he says about Reckless Trolley Man when he has gone out of earshot, “bloody volvo drivers” or something like that which to me implies that Volvo drivers are reckless? is that what the ad is trying to say? i don’t get it either i think…

btw I like Pilot Guides too!

yak sox
date: 2003-10-06-23-19
I don’t realise what’s hapening til they’re half over. That’s the main problem.

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