Sure, just cut them up like regular chickens

The Linux window manager, Enlightenment, continues to trundle along – and I see they recently wrote up an update with all the filthy details here. For a second I thought it said it was dead completely. I think I’ve been waiting literally three years for E17 – its next release. It’s a shame there’s not more people working on it really because it’s the only Linux WM that could give OS X a run for its money aesthetically speaking – have a squiz at the screenshots.

The streets are shiny black and it’s fun walking around with an umbrella.
For several months now I’ve been getting this feeling of wanting to hang upside down from the ceiling. I’ll have to go find some monkeybars.

I’m kind of wondering if anyone’s actually watching Dr.Who after the ‘ooos’, ‘aaaahs’ and ‘w00ts’ about it returning. I’ve watched it about twice. Due to its 1963ness I find it a challenge to concentrate on – no ad. breaks and (in one ep. I saw) there was only two scenes — at 6pm when concentration levels are low anyway. More like a play than a tv show, which is fine but I can’t handle it — apparently the froggies’ kids are liking it — which means an 8 and 10 y.o. are concentrating better than me.
But tonight was a bit more pacey thanks to the Daleks. People were jumping on the backs of them like they were runaway photocopiers and they were rolling down the hallways making this book trolley click-clack-clack noise with their wheels.

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