death match mit giant centipede

I really don’t like gardening. Oh how I’ve tried and tried but 9 times out of ten it’s a pain in the arse. I feel like this isn’t good, because I’m supposed to have this connection to nature … and i do – I love to look at the birds out the window here – particularly now that it’s spring and honeyeater and {little stripey with yellow splotch on wing} bird hang around — but I can’t hack all the centipedes involved in gardening. I always seem to get the shit jobs like digging through the compost bins – they’re a complete horrorshow of sights, smells and feels. I had a task of tranferring dirt to two unused troughs today and I did it wrong. (However, I nailed my Enlightenment + food packaging + tourism promotion essay. Yay.)
Maybe I’ll get the hang of gardening one day. It’s in the ‘to be continued’ basket.

Lord of the Cheese for Tuesday is CheeseWorld. I went there once – some time ago now, and had a cheese sandwich and milkshake — certainly one way to be reminded of what gravity is.
There’s not really much there. They could be thinking a lot bigger. A phenomenal number of international tourist get bussed to near by ’12 Apostles’ each day. They could hook ’em with a Cheese theme park — rides, slides — it wouldn’t be too hard to brainstorm up something when cheese is the base.

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