soft serve, hard knox

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How many mr.whippy vans are there in this state, this country?
I think it’s one of those things about people that we will always be into wanting to race things. Why? To see which thing comes first. And it’s not necesarily a masculine thing either — or it is a masculine thing, and there are plenty of masculine women around too. Maybe masculine’s the wrong word — yang as opposed to yin. This is entirely another topic.

I want to see Whippy van races. National championships – you name it.
Or maybe a movie about the cut-throat world of professional Whippy-dom — wrangles for the best turf between main playas, and such.

url: the spork
date: 2003-09-29-22-50
Mr. Whippy hmm I wanna see the Soprano’s version as Luigy Whippy and da Boys lay waste to the New Zealand Icecream crowd for invading their turf. And we thought they called him Mr. Whippy coz of the ice cream .. naaaaah mate.

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