minor report back

I ditched blogrolling because it was sub-par. Maybe it’s not it’s fault or maybe it is for relying on weblogs.com – either way only half of weblogs on my list that were updating were being displayed as updated — and particularly all those here and generally based anywhere a long way from where the weblogs.com servers are. I don’t really know how it works. But a link-list isn’t that hard to edit myself.

Have used Mozilla 1.4 for a week and a half and it’s pretty good. Bits where I like Opera better: managing (ie. adding + moving around) bookmarks, jumping to a google search, Opera can be set to never open another window (just open in tabs). Bits where I like Mozilla better: pages just seem to ‘look’ a bit better (maybe Moz makes better use of available typefaces), it’s just a touch less crashy and more flexible with html.

I’ve been using the Mozilla mail program too, and that’s fully alright. Am a bit surprised more hasn’t been done with the Sidebar bit of Moz — I thought I could open AIM (and therefore the Linux mexican non-unionised equivalent, Gaim) in it. So there’s not that much that the sidebar is useful for.
Any speed difference between Moz and Opera is unoticable. If I open up someone’s weblog comments pop-upp in Moz, and there’s a link there I want to click on, I don’t get the option to open it in another tab, just another window.
I used to be 100% dead against the way browsers (like IE and Moz) would open new windows. It doesn’t bother me as much anymore but I still don’t think it’s the best way to do things.

Anyway… that football thing is on… “Hooray for football!”… “You’re all Winners!” .. and so one and so forth.

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