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Nothing says ‘Welcome to my house in Australia!’ better than a couple of lions at your front gate … except perhaps a large stuffed lion in the lounge room.
These two fine specimens were both part of matching sets seen while walking around and about.

Fiefdom/feifdom? My kingdom for the right spelling of fiefdom. And while looking for it in the dictionary I came across
Felch: verb (i) Colloquial to perform analingus. Also Velch – from homosexual slang of the late 60s, originally a jocular term: origin unknown.
It’s all in the dictionary son – it’s the naughty-word connoisseurs dictionary.

What I’m listening to: feed of amon tobin gig in vancouver — it’s breakCity, baby — I just wish my bandwidth were a little fatter so it’d come through in more than 11Kbps.

Observation: you know you’re dealing with an extrovert when they’re talking to someone on the phone – telling a story, and they’re directing it at you too, as you stand there in front of them.

url: the spork
date: 2003-09-26-21-27
Hmm listening to Amon Tobin now .. very good ..

name: tony
url: the horse’s mouth
date: 2003-09-27-00-16
If it were possible, would lions have statues of humans at the entrance to their dens?

name: Jon
url: the spork
date: 2003-09-27-09-08
Btw this entry 100 .. and tobin is stick rocking my ear passages =). Tony – I recon if I was a lion I’d consider it .. but it’s have to be someone cool .. like hmm .. dunno ..

name: yak sox
date: 2003-09-27-09-25
…George Clooney? hehe – I’m coming around to seeing your point of view, except I reckon he’s cool in a hammed-up Bruce Willis kind of way.
I think it’d be too easy to smash the heads off little stone humans with a cricket or baseball bat. Kookaburras works for me.

I might have to do something with my remaining uni bandwidth re: that Real stream.

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