ride a white swan or lion

Always feel better about having a buzz around the internet when it’s after doing what I’ve suppose to have done, as is the case right now. Was having some serious freak-out moments yesterday about workload.

More on the Australian ethos: this story is fantastic because it includes (not one but) two key elements of the Australian Character — kleptomania, and having a stuffed lion in your lounge room.

From the article, “at times he used museum vehicles to remove specimens and displayed in his home a large stuffed lion that was a museum heritage item first exhibited in 1911”.
I also think it’s great because he was the museum Bug Extermination Guy. Just like in the movie version of Naked Lunch.
And because no serious harm was done and everything was recovered (thanks to the mass media) we can all have a bit of a laugh at this guy and his mental problems.

The October LinuxFormat mag. has FreeBSD 4.8 on it – pretty neat. Never had a go at BSD, but will in approx. 7 weeks.

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