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Went to the dentist last friday – first time in 3 or 4 years. There was a televison wedged in the ceiling. Caught an episode of PlaySchool, the sound was off but I could could still tell what was happening.
The good news is that there is no hole in my tooth where I suspected there might be. The bad news is that it cost 90 bucks to find this out. And she wants me to come back again – she said it was to get some crap out that’s built up under my gums, but I reckon she just likes me.

A brief update on being a smartarse at school – ‘old skool’ was marked as a spelling error — but I got 80% anyway. Something in comments about being ‘a bit too informed’.
In psychology they makes us use a style guide – do this – don’t do that – as to how reports are supposed to be written. In it it says not to kick it off with cliches like “ever since humanity has come down from the trees, psychologists have been interested in…” Guess how i started it off? Hehe – perhaps it was stoopid – we’ll see.

Either way, I’ve got 2 essays totalling 6500words (and some reading for that) and 2 exams squished into the remaining six weeks then I can get back to the important things like launching my singing career with a kareoke version of that McDonalds, kentucky fried chicken or the Pizza Hut song —in German.


url: disinfotainment
date: 2003-09-24-15-43
Do not neglect those teeth, you’ll regret it. I didn’t have health insurance (or money) for about 5 years, I let the dental care slip, I had to spend $1500US just to get that crap out from below the gumline, and man was that painful. Go back and have it taken care of NOW before it gets worse.
If you have bad teeth, you are always miserable. And bad teeth are now blamed for heart disease, vascular disease, etc.

name: yak sox
date: 2003-09-24-16-03
Uh-huh. Actually they’re fairly good considering i just came off an 11 year smoking habit.

I was brushing *too hard* thus pushing down the gums, allowing the crap in.

I only whinge because while decent healthcare costs almost nothing for poor folk like me, dentalcare does cost.
I s’pose I should be grateful that we even get the healthcare — compared to the situation there in the US.

name: Quanta
url: please don’t eat me!
date: 2003-09-24-17-41
Ohhh – Someone takes dental hygiene very serious. Obviously someone isn’t British.

name: yak sox
date: 2003-09-24-21-33
Are you saying the british all have bad teeth? 8)

name: Charles
url: disinfotainment
date: 2003-09-25-04-25
Yeah, I get lectured continually by my dentist about brushing too hard. Be sure to use a soft brush. And don’t forget to floss! I hate to floss, but you gotta do it.

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