pass the PEAZ please

Last time I was at NQR i picked these up

<%image(20040112-spudz.jpg|75|103|mongolian bbq anyone?)%>
<%image(20040112-peaz.jpg|75|109|pass the peaz)%> – you’ll just have to trust me about what it says on the packages because the scans didn’t come out too well due to crappiness.

They’re in the salty snax category — the green one is called PEAZ. The idea is that they are made out of peas instead of potato, with the flavouring being ‘monterey jack cheese’.

Will the pea usurp the potato as the number one vegetable vehicle in the salty snack market? Only time will tell… or maybe time already has told and that’s why they’re at NQR.
I would’ve thought that behind brussel sprouts and cabbage (maybe cauliflower) peas were one of thee most disliked vegetables. And I don’t know who Monterey Jack is – sounds kinda Beat.


url: soup de jour of the day
date: 2003-09-22-14-58
Aren’t peas a Japanese kind of snack, too, wasabi peas or something? I swear I’ve had them before and they were actually good.

Horse flavoring: hee hee hee!

And though I tell my version of Opera every day that I love it, I put the same version on at work, same OS — it’s buggy as all hell — back button doesn’t work.

Last comment (condensed all into one long one, sorry): the practicality of blogrolling won out, for me, but I slightly ‘hid’ mine so people wouldn’t be forced to see it all the time. Also, sometimes it doesn’t update properly (?) and I don’t understand why . .

yak sox
date: 2003-09-22-19-55
Yeah – I know there’s that kind of spicy cracker mix that has dried peas in it – that’s nice.

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