i need a jet pack

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I went, I saw, I took a couple of fotos. But didn’t take appropriate headware so didn’t stay long on account of the sun. It’s pretty easy to say something’s reason for existing is ‘in the name of peace’ (“yeah, we’re having a BBQ for World Peace. You wanna come?”) I don’t mean to rag on it, I suppose it was peacable enough. Not really boppin’ enough to mash to though. Looked like the guy on the stage was using a white iBook.

But earlier someone threw themself in front of / fell in front of the train at Werribee (or Hopper’s Crossing … one of those loser suburbs) which left me at geelong station, waiting for an hour longer than expected. How’s that for crappy luck!? There were busses substituting — they were full of collingwood supporters. They were still sober but that didn’t make them any less repulsive.
And then on the train back got stuck next to a gaggle of geelong valley girls — “My Dad bought my Mum a new BMW 4WD for her birthday.” “What about the 4WD Honda?” “I don’t know.”
Maybe my tollerance is down today. I had to move to another carriage.

I reckon four-wheel drives, or SUVs as the north americans like to call them, are they biggest con-job of the last decade and a half – the way people are led to believe they need that kind of vehicle when they virtually never get near a dirt road, let along a situation that needs 4WD.
It was inevitable that advances in technology would lead to smaller more efficient engines, which apparently became more necessary after 1974, but from what I can tell, people might as well still be driving hulking huge cadillacs because they’re basically the same as 4WDs in the way they use resources. The whole thing reminds me of the age of the dinosaurs.

Golly I just got de je vu.

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