God Bless Yaksox and the USA!

Hehe – I couldn’t resist that – it was the title of a spam. The spam situation here has improved markedly lately. The TPG isp put some filters on and now I just get one update link email from them each 3 days. I click through to their postmaster setup and take a quick look to see if there’s any real ones.

I’ve been watching how blogrolling works on please don’t eat me! and myrr purrs and am giving it a go. I think it could save me some time by me not clicking through to weblogs that haven’t been updated.

At last! Those three.com.au people have made a mobile phone that can be held at arm’s length and yelled at, instead of wedged against the ear. The fact that it has a small tv screen is an unasked for bonus. They let a good opportunity go begging by not tying in Original series style communicators in the ad. Some pointy ears at least!

url: myrr purrs
date: 2003-09-20-10-40
about the blogrolling thing – it’s ok up to a point, but sometimes people update but the roll doesn’t tell you, so in the end you have to click through everyone anyway … I have thought about going back to doing it the old way but I’m too lazy.

yak sox
date: 2003-09-20-17-28
Yeah I was wondering about that – i thought maybe I hadn’t configured it right.
Ah well, worth giving a try for a little while.

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