stuck between the 8th and 9th floors

– Small machines are rebelling against me. The electric shaver (a Remington = “I was so unimpressed with it I badmouthed the company”) died after 2 years(?) … memory hazy. And the answering machine sounds really really bad. I’m a fool because I can’t find the receipt. Let it be known that from here on in I dilligently file receipts, warranties and all those wonderful little manuals that say things like, “For best result, do not insert in ear”. And as a digital note to self – today I bought phillishave mechanism from Owen Crowl (hehe ‘crowl’) so warranty lasts for two years hence and the receipt is buried 34 paces south of the giant-head rock on Monster Island.

– What I’m digging food-wise – sourdough rye bread from these people. At first I thought I’d mistakenly bought a bag of cardboard, but the texture’s pretty interesting.
Musically – little bits of DJ Food scraped off the carpet. Very groovy website, but then I always say that about Flash-driven sites that actually work for me. But seriously — a couple of screens in there’s one of those little music loops that you sometimes come across — it’s got some flute in it, sounds a bit like muzak -> very nice! I could listen to that all day.
Dj Food isn’t actually a person, but a collective of artists ie. food for DJs.

– I’ve decided to give Mozilla a proper run and am going to use it for a whole week as main browser. Usually I only use it to write these entries in. I can’t remember the last time it crashed and there’s a couple of weblogs that don’t show up properly in Opera, but do in Moz.

– I wasn’t intending to mention tv two posts in a row, but there was this doco, the cutting edge – ‘Japan’s Missing Teenagers’ last night on sbs, which was about hikikomori which blew me away. There’s 1.1 million guys in their late teens/early twenties holed up in their rooms for years because society is freaking them out.

In medieval times people who did that were labelled anchorites and were admired for their religious hardcoreness. Funny how things change — but then, the anchorites didn’t have PlayStation 2.

– I probably should’ve said ‘that spot would be booked up til 2028 if they decide to show the whole thing– of Dr.Who. I think it went for decades. I really don’t know. But I can see how it could’ve been stretched out that long – the episode last night literally had two scenes in 25 minutes. The quality of the film reminds me of the video clip for the Stones song, 2000 light years from home.

url: please don’t eat me!
date: 2003-09-18-19-32
Yeah, but with head? According to my desktop background thingy, their are a few.

yak sox
date: 2003-09-18-20-50
Erm, vot part off de entry iss ziss comment referring to, Q? :^)

yak sox
date: 2003-09-18-20-56
Oh wait, now I get it. Golly I’m slow sometimes.:-P

date: 2003-09-20-13-00
Oh wait – I thought you said easter island.

Lets agree that we are both stupid.

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